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The Winning TeamAlthough with an unprecedented 5 teams dropping out at the last minute, it didn’t deter from another entertaining evening of nine rounds of questions to go with a few drinks on a Friday night.

A shift around with the trustees jobs for the evening saw Mark Benbow step up to quiz master to replace the unavailable James Oliver and it wasn’t long before he got into his rhythm and was adding some local banter and jokes into his question delivery.

As always, the oooohs and aaaahs could be heard throughout the room as the answers to the questions were read out after every other round. The leader board projected onto the big screen, changed hands at the top several times throughout the evening with the top 5 or 6 teams all very close. The same can be said for the bottom 5 or 6 teams too as they looked like they were all desperate to pick up the booby prize :-)

In-between the rounds of questions and during drinks breaks, videos were played highlighting a few achievements of the charity and its supporters over the last 12 months. It’s always good to show everybody who has helped us fundraise and also where possible those who benefitted from it.

As the evening drew to a close and the final points tally was totted up the eventual winners by a couple of points were a local team captained by Ashley James.    

Hannah Foster was the lucky winner of the basket of booze on the lucky, lucky draw and then a second basket of booze was auctioned off for £50 which was greatly received by the Foundation.

Roll on next year, where we hope to get back up to our full complement of teams.

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