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Beneficiary Testimonial - Grace

" My daughter is lucky enough to receive funding from the Adam Millichip Foundation for Horse Riding Lessons.

Grace Olivia is eight years old and has Gross Developmental Delay, Language and Communication Delay, Hypermobility, Hypotonia and Complex Health Problems. We spend a lot of time attending hospitals! During such times when she becomes very unwell (after operations etc) she has long periods absent from school during which her horse riding lessons become her door to the outside world.

Since being allocated funding my daughter's life has opened out in a positive way. She responds well to the expert teaching and now rides at walking pace without being led and is learning to trot with support. During the times she is absent from school and with hospital agreement my daughter attends her horse riding lessons. These lessons become her life blood and connection with the outside world. As well as aiding her recovery and recuperation the lessons help in boosting her confidence and self esteem.

In regards to physiotherapy input she has been discharged from this service as it was felt that the benefits of horse riding outweighed the monotonous regime of physio. Especially as they could see just how much improvement she gained from her lessons.

Hearing Grace laugh and communicate positively with her instructor is wonderful. They take time to talk to her at her own level and base the lessons around her needs. My daughter's life is now rich and fulfilling and she is a happy and relaxed little 8 year old girl able to enjoy her passion for horses. Without this support my daughter's life would be so much poorer. Despite the challenges she faces each day, she looks forward to her lessons which give her the strength to be all she can be. We owe a huge thank you to the wonderful people at the Adam Millichip Foundation."

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