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AMF Race Night Lucky Lucky DrawAs the nights draw in towards the end of the year it is always good to try and fit a fundraising event in, that gets people out of the house for a cheap night of entertainment.

In a packed hall and with 9 races in total to get through, the evening kicked off around 7:30pm with a rundown of the planned itinerary, followed by an opening Foundation video before the first race commenced.

Regulars to the event know that it takes a race or two to get going, before the vocal chords are fully opened and each horse backed is enthusiastically cheered on to the finish line. By the time the last race is due on the big screen the atmosphere has really been stoked up and smiles and laughter can be seen and heard coming from each table.

A small break half way through and sandwiched between two more Foundation promotional videos, gives everybody a chance to catch up with other tables and enjoy some hot food at the same time.

With some up and some down, it is always a tradition to raffle off the now infamous ‘Basket of Booze’ at the end of the night in the ‘Lucky, Lucky Draw’, before the closing thank you is given to everybody by the host of the evening.

The event is always put on to give everybody an enjoyable, yet value for money evening and this year we managed to raise £800 in doing so – which is a great achievement and one that we are thankful for.

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