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In April 2011 we agreed to support Ethan, who is 5 and a half year old, and suffers with Autism. His condition makes life a little bit harder than most.

"Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with, and relates to, other people. It also affects how they make sense of the world around them."

Source: The National Autistic Society

We supported Ethan by paying for some lessons on a dry ski slope so he could enhance his skills enough to join a group of skiers and become a part of the social group, which will, without a doubt, improve the quality of his life. Once again we, along with his mum Rowena, would like to thank everyone who fundraises for the Adam Millichip Foundation, because without you, Ethan would not be able to go on the slopes.

On Saturday 23rd April 2011 Ethan took his first lesson at Chill Factore in Manchester with the help of Rachel at Disability Snowsport UK. Pictured here with his mum Rowena and Stuart Millichip, Ethan was happy with his lesson, saying:

'It was fun' and 'I want to ski as fast as a racing car'


We would like to thank Rachel and Dave at Disability Snowsport UK for their cooperation and expert tutoring, and Rowena and family for allowing us to use their pictures. We have provided a video to the left for your information only thanks to - note this was not produced by us or Ethans family.

In July of 2011 Ethan reached the point of independence. The "point of independence" is when a skier can control starting and stopping on their own along with turning.

Ethans instructor confirms that he is at this point so can now go on the slopes with his mum. To help Ethan along we granted a 2 month pass with Chill Factore so he and his family can practise together and refine the skills he has learned. We are very pleased to see Ethan progress so well, and find out how it has improved his life. For Ethan to be able to take to the slopes means he will be able to interact with other children and make new friends, which is a lot harder for somebody with Autism.

Below you will see some video footage his mother has sent us, which was taken toward the end of Ethans training, proving that the fundraising done by everyone who supports The Adam Millichip Foundation goes to good causes and helps individuals to enjoy a sport.

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