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At every event we run we always ask if there is anybody that would admit to having ‘skydive’ on their bucket list of things to accomplish and we always seem to find a few in the crowd that have exactly that.

There cannot be many more satisfying moments to be enjoyed than gently touching your feet on the ground again after jumping out of an aeroplane at 10,000 feet, in a bid to cross another challenge off the list. This surely can only be topped by knowing that you have done it in aid of a charity!

Step up six people that did exactly that - Owen Edwards, Ian Bowkett, Jade Powell, Roger Preece, Wayne & Mary-Jane Middleton.

Although a fresh start to a Saturday morning in April, it wasn’t long before the sun made an appearance and with all six booked in and waiting their turn, the anxious anticipation was clear to see. With friends and family accompanying the group, good banter was flying around and quite a few giggles whilst attempting to get into the jumpsuits.

First from our group to make their way across the field to the waiting aeroplane was Owen and Ian. After a 10 to 15 minute wait all eyes from family and friends were firmly fixed upwards waiting for the first signs of the parachutes. After landing, both guys had big beaming smiles on their faces and explained that it was an amazing experience and glad that they did it.

Next up to jump was Jade and although looking a little nervous, was reassured by members of her family, before heading off with her jump partner and receiving her final instructions. Again the theme of big smiles followed as she made her way back across the landing field towards the viewing gallery.

The last 3 jumpers stopped and posed for the cameras before their 10,000 foot climb into the clouds and all were in good spirits and ready for the biggest challenge of their lives. With everybody waiting below, the little specks of colour soon became a lot bigger and in no time at all each tandem landed safely.

All 6 jumpers received certificates and had their photos taken before reliving their jump experience with each other and then those that had come along to support them.

Another successful event for the Foundation and between the 6 amazing people taking part they managed to raise a whopping £3,720.

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