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Skydive May 2014

Gareth, Adam & Keiran Skydive for AMF

With the initial feeling of disappointment for a postponement due to a venue change the 31st May could not come quick enough for three Tenbury Wells lads, as they were to undertake a feat that not many of us would even contemplate which is to jump out of an aeroplane at 10,000 feet whilst strapped to another human being with only a piece of material to guide them safely to the ground.

A fine but slightly cloudy morning was upon us and the journey down to Skydive London in Swindon was underway at 6am. There was little communication between the lads on the journey down but you could tell that on arrival, let’s say, excited anticipation was growing as they chatted on whether it was a good idea to have something to eat and drink with not knowing how long they would have to wait before finally being summoned to the training area.

After 20 mins of instruction and training the lads got kitted out in their flying suits and eagerly waited for the green light in order to make their way to the aeroplane accompanied by their instructors and cameramen. A nervous wave and final look back was spotted before the ascent to 10,000 feet began.

Heaven knows what goes through someone’s mind during that 10-15 minute journey up beyond the clouds but all I can say, as a father of one of the jumpers, is that I let out a huge sigh of relief when I saw Keiran’s parachute colour fully opened and him slowly but surely making his way back down to earth (although somehow I still managed to forget that even though his parachute was working correctly he was still severally thousand feet in the air – haha).

Each one of the lads greeted us upon their arrival back in the seating area with one word and one word only – “AWESOME” which seemed to sum it all up really!

A huge thank you must go to Skydive London for their professionalism and expertise on running the event but an even bigger thank you goes to Gareth, Adam and Keiran for taking part. It is not everyone’s cup of tea I’ve no doubt but to do something knowing that others will benefit from it must leave a very warm feeling inside.

 Well done lads and I look forward to seeing how the Bungee Jump goes!

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